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Since the dawn of mankind, dance has always been omnipresent, whether in rituals featuring several stages
of life, for healing purposes or to strengthen the sense of belonging to a community. In our western world however, it is easy to lose touch with one's body and emotions and to feel lonesome despite the increasing globalisation and the expanded social networks.
The pleasure of moving, dancing and creating allows us to find our roots again in our bodies and our lives.
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Here are some elements of Dance and Movement Therapy :
Life is movement...
-  Experiment the "here-and-now"
-  Increase your body-awareness and your movement repertoire
-  Learn to center yourself
-  Breathing techniques, relaxation and stress-reduction
-  Access to emotions and life-energy
-  Influence of body postures on physical or psychological blockades
-  Counselling and assistance in crisis situations, diseases, changes
-  Discovery and strengthening of personal resources
-  Practical transfer into daily life